med Marianne Bennison Osteopat DO

Modul 2 – Thoracic spine and ribs


Fredag den 22. kl. 16-20 og lørdag den 23. kl. 9-17. September 2017


Module 2 covers functional anatomy relevant to respiration. The diagnostic section includes discussion of relevance of respiration to diagnosis of musculoskeletal problems.

Osteopathic assessment of the area will be discussed and practiced, including critical evaluation of how to manage clinical risks in the area. The topic of dysfunctional breathing patterns will be introduced including effects on tissue biochemistry and sympathetic/parasympathetic balance. The possible effect of breathing dysfunction on musculoskeletal presentations will be evaluated.

The osteopathic techniques covered will range from basic soft tissue, mobilisation and manipulations of thoracic spine and ribs to techniques specifically aimed at improving breathing.

The revision session will again include a full treatment where the aim is to think of wider effects on the neural and hormonal systems as well as the musculoskeletal system.

Der undervises på dansk.

Max. 10 deltagere – først til mølle princip.


Marianne Bennison, osteopat DO.


Primært for fysioterapeuter med erfaring i manuel behandling, men er også velegnet for osteopatstuderende, osteopater og kiropraktorer.


AS Fysioterapi, Langelinie 29, 2. sal, 5230 Odense M


Kr. 3500 inklusiv sandwich og kaffe/the.


Den 26. august 2017 på mail: Kontaktperson Lone Sørensen.

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