med Marianne Bennison Osteopat DO

Modul 1 – Lumbar spine and pelvis


Fredag den 24. kl. 16-20 og lørdag den 25. kl. 9-17. Marts 2017


This module introduces relevant functional anatomy of the area and covers an osteopathic assessment of the lumbar spine and pelvis.

The emphasis is on a holistic approach, aimed at helping to decrease clinical risks as well as revealing areas of dysfunction which may be addressed during treatment. The focus of the assessments is hands on practice, managing clinical uncertainties by using current clinical reasoning to select appropriate tests.

Current evidence on diagnosis and management of low back pain is reviewed and critically evaluated. A relevant selection of osteopathic techniques will be taught, including aims and mechanism of action, allowing participants to continue to develop treatments further to suit individual patients.

Techniques will gradually increase in complexity from soft tissue techniques, mobilisation and manipulations, allowing participants from a variety of backgrounds to be appropriately challenged.

The course includes an element of revision where a full treatment with the aim of improving health and function of a patient is planned and practised another course participant.

Der undervises på dansk.

Max. 10 deltagere – først til mølle princip.


Marianne Bennison, osteopat DO.


Primært for fysioterapeuter med erfaring i manuel behandling, men er også velegnet for osteopatstuderende, osteopater og kiropraktorer.


AS Fysioterapi, Langelinie 29, 2. sal, 5230 Odense M


Kr. 3500 inklusiv sandwich og kaffe/the.


Den 25. februar 2017 på mail: Kontaktperson Lone Sørensen.

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