med Marianne Damgaard Jensen Osteopat DO

Modul 3 – Cervicothoracic junction


Fredag den 25. kl. 16 – 20 og lørdag den 26. kl. 9 - 17. Oktober 2019


Module 3 introduces relevant anatomy of the cervicothoracic junction.

The course starts with osteopathic assessment of the area considering the relevant functional anatomy.The osteopathic assessment will include analysis of relevant kinetic chains and other global factors that may affect diagnosis in this area. The examining procedures will be practiced with the emphasis on clinical reasoning to manage uncertainty about the working diagnosis.

The course will include a variety of selected soft tissue, mobilisation and manipulation techniques for the area. The issue of choice of techniques and consent is covered alongside plenty of hands on practice.

Day two will include revision session to ensure the practitioner skills become fully embedded and also a discussion about whiplash injuries with topical research updates and how to translate this into a patient centred approach to hands on treatment.

Der undervises på dansk.

Max 10 deltagere - først til mølle princip.


Marianne Damgaard Jensen, osteopat DO.


Primært for fysioterapeuter med erfaring i manuel behandling, men er også velegnet for osteopatstuderende, osteopater og kiropraktorer.


AS Fysioterapi, Langelinie 29, 2. sal, 5230 Odense M


Kr. 3500 inklusiv sandwich og kaffe/the.


Den 27. september 2019 på mail: Kontaktperson Arne Sørensen.

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